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Our Female Dogs 

Welcome to learning about our Girls



Voodoo CGN, RN

Lotsamagic Van De Vaardekenshoeve

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Breed: Belgian Malinois

Sex: female ( Breeding program)

Job or titles: Obedience, Rally ,Agility, Scent detection ,4-H dog for children that do not have dogs.

Heath testing: OFA- hips good

                       Ofa - elbows Normal

                       Eye cert -Clear

Online Pedigree:

Dam: Ivita  van de Vaardekenshoeve

Sire: Dolce Simply Divine


Voodoo is a amazing dog. she checks off all the boxes a malinois should be. well structured, great movement, soft nature but bold when needed. amazing family pet, good with kids, and amazing SD in training.
She is working on continued titles and loves to work and is very dedicated to any job she is asked to do. Everything we had hoped for and desired in a malinois 



          Laika Van De Vaardekenshoeve

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Breed: Belgian Shepherd (terv)

Sex: female (potential breeding program)

Job or titles: started on obedience, agility, and will join the 4-H program when ready

Health- Coming

Online Pedigree: 

Dam: Ivita  van de Vaardekenshoeve

Sire: Dolce Simply Divine


Laika s a kind kind girl. She is soft and takes her people very serious. she loves her family deeply and is very devoted. right now she is started her training and has stated obedience and agility and we will see where she goes in those Field.