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Boarding at our Kennel

Welcome to our boarding Page

this page is still under construction but we have added information for you to view until we have the page all finished and ready to go.



The facility

Our kennel is home to our wonderful Malinois and is open to boarding on a limited basis. We provided a very safe environment that is cleaned many times a day, using the best disinfectants available to make sure our cross contamination procedures are of the highest quality to keep you pet safe.

We do nout have huge numbers of kennels our environment is small cozy and limited. we feel the best care comes from limited number of dogs staying with us so they get the care you expect from such a cozy environment.

we have individual kennels for your pet to stay in but we like to see them as a bedroom more than a living space. all the dogs have lots of time in the excerise area as well as individual walks on the farm and free play in the dog yard. We are very careful not to place your dog in harms way and give you the choice to have your dog be involved in group play with others dogs or to have just one on one time. If you choice group play we will do a assesment of your pet to make sure they are able to join a community setting, if they will do better in a individual setting that will be provided to them to make sure their time here is happy and they are not just left in a kennel.

play time consists of many stimulating activities including playing with agiltiy equipment, fun treat search games and more. summer outdoor fun is running off leash in the field playing fetch or exploring the pond.

at night after your pet is put in their room for the night, you can feel safe no one will hurt them with our wonderful malinois on guard protecting them all night.

Kennel Policy

We will have a PDF policy for you to download very soon

Other Services Provided just for your boarding stay

We have a grooming area for your pet to have a bath and blow dry before pick up if that is what you would like . We have a quailfied groomer to work with your pet in a safe calm and caring manner.  Our groomer is not here full time and brought in certain days just for your pet.

we will have more information added here in the coming months closer to